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Dear All, I’ve been finished my personal photo gallery that I build for my own. This photo gallery need 3 days to finish it. Administrator can access admin page with special url address. How I put my photograph for that site? I did not upload it to my hosting server. Because the storage size will be large in the future. I just use free image uploader services like photobucket, so I only need the direct link of my particular photograph and copy it into my photo gallery site.

This system was build by using PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL and Jquery. You can access my personal photo gallery at http://gallery.isaninside.net, the link already exist at main menu of this blog. The name of my personal photo gallery is: The Art of Photography. So please welcome, The Art of Photography : Isaninside Photo Gallery. Free for access.


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Tentang Isaninside - Muhammad Ihsan Zul

Isaninside - Muhammad Ihsan Zul, Seorang suami dari Rizka Irma Septiani dan bekerja sabagai Dosen di Politeknik Caltex Riau (PCR). Lulusan Pendidikan Teknik Elektronika FT UNP [Padang] tahun 2009 dan menyelesaikan pendidikan Pasca Sarjana di UGM tahun 2012. Ilmu untuk dibagi bukan dipamerkan. Let's Share!
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