A Motivation Letter, Reflection of Myself

I already know and aware about the information technology since I was child in elementary school. I was born and grown up in small town in Sumatera Barat, Indonesia. At that time my parents are teacher. My father works as a teacher and journalist as well.  After 1993 when my father went back to Indonesia from Japan as invitation from Japan Foundation, I got the extremely valuable thing from my father. He bought the computer. It is one of the powerful force that influence all my action and attention to the world  information technology.

It is the beginning of my loveable life in information technology. I keep on my decision to stay and focus in this part. It can be seen from my track that persists to the information technology. After I was graduated from senior high school, I registered to the electronic major in engineering faculty of Padang State University. It deals with computer electronic and informatics. I involved in many activities in campus organization such as Association of the Electronic Engineering Student and Executive Committee of Electrical Students of Padang State of University. In 2007, I was elected as a chief for one period (6 months). After that, I was elected as a chief in Executive Committee of Electrical Students of Padang State of University.  Unless I have made many activities with my organization, I can still manage my study. I can make it run harmoniously of both side internal and external of my study.

I am very interested in WEB design (PHP Programming) and Multimedia Learning Program. I have been explored it since I was registered in campus of Padang State University. I fulfill my concern about information technology by writing and sharing through my blog, addressed in http://isaninside.net.

I have completed my undergraduate study for 4 years 2 months with 3.54 GPA. I appointed as one of the best student of Electrical Engineering Padang State University. I got many recommendations to continue my master study from my lecturers of Electrical Engineering Padang State University. I really appreciate it. I make my decision to apply for Gadjah Mada University and take Electrical Engineering and Information Technology major. It is concentrated in Computer and Information System. In the mid of 2010, I officially registered as master degree student of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I am pleased and thank to make my time in studying my master for 8 months successfully. I find I have all lecturing process smoothly. Fortunately I can reach my maximum GPA target of first semester that I made in the beginning of my semester. For the present, because of a number of reasons, I realize how I can release this condition indicated from my interest and attention to world of information and technology system especially WEB, multimedia, and human and computer interaction. I try to do my best for myself and my environment. After I completed my master degree, I look forward to continue as lecturer in one of the Universities in Indonesia. I hope I can continue my study to the higher grade as doctor for the future. I should be grateful if I could reach to be a doctor program and still in the world technology and informatics.

My undergraduate study is closed to the educational or teaching program. At the same time, I was motivated to participate in encouraging our educational program. I have a dream to be a lecturer in my hometown. I think the necessity of knowledge in my hometown bigger than in another town because the limitation of human resource. Thus, I must prepare myself to give the best. Considering, what I get from another place that far away from my hometown bring my passion to teach and manifest my knowledge in my hometown. I hope I can participate to help and to develop education in my local area. It is due to my philosophy “sharing your knowledge”.

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